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August 17, 2007
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Kairi beating Sora by Mikeinel Kairi beating Sora by Mikeinel
I made this long ago... Also my signature/avatar in some communities...
Download: 300x150px size.

EDIT: (1/7/08)
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I'm getting confused with the votes now!!! @-@'

Now that i'm really confused, i made a poll here:
Just in case anyone's still interested... =u=

Sequel: [link]
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Lol love you kairi :)
AkurokuLover92 Jan 25, 2014  Student Photographer
definetely both

Ya know, that is the only thing that really ticks me off about Kingdom Hearts: over half the fandom automatically labels Sora, Riku, and the other Square-original male protagonists as gay, when ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THEM ACTUALLY SHOW ANY SIGNS OF SUCH! I mean, it's obvious that Sora likes Kairi more than just a friend; Kairi has at least two games going for her (ESPECIALLY the ending of the first game; I would've thought that solidified her in the role of Sora's love interest.)

The annoying thing is, what the yaoi fangirls consider to be "evidence" of a gay pairing ACTUALLY STEMS FROM SORA'S NAIVETE! Sora has proven to be not exactly the sharpest tool on the shed (that's not to say, however, that he is just plain stupid; he's not), so he wouldn't understand what homosexuality really was if somebody speeled it out to him.

This argument could also be used against me, but I'm just saying that he's more likely to end up with Kairi than turn gay for his best friend WHO IS ALSO IN LOVE WITH KAIRI!

...Sorry, I kind of lost my cool there. Good work. This is funny.

XXBetter-In-StereoXX Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Originally Sora and Riku were gonna be gay, but Disney thought it would make a lot of people not like the game, so they just give off hints.

According to WHO exactly? Because the only sources about Sora's potential origins I could find was that Disney wanted Donald Duck as the protagonist, while Square wanted Mickey Mouse (which I find ironic and hilarious), and Sora could've had a tail.

What you're saying doesn't sound like Square to me.

......Sora has a tail.

....As a lion cub in the Pridelands. XD

Hehe, I see what you did there. ;)

But even still, my theory about the tail issue was that, after drawing Sora's original design, Square worried they'd be ripping off Dragon Ball with their original premise for a tailed protagonist. I guess they decided to go with the traditional "spikey-haired RPG protagonist" that Square had become accustomed to (and become rather infamous for).

Zetaomega2 Nov 20, 2013  Student Artist
you have just made my day hahaha!
Even thought I know who it is and it has been very obvious though, I still think this is funny
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