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Submitted on
September 17, 2009




Journal Entry: Thu Sep 17, 2009, 4:17 AM
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◆Your name?
Guil-- Mike... Mike Inel... (What an ugly screen name)

◆If possible, your age?
21212121212121212121212121212121... Go figure...

◆When did you start drawing?
I have no idea... It's like asking a person for his/her first taste of softdrink...

◆Which hand do you use for drawing?
Right... Some people think i'm left cuz of 'Draw with me', but no. I'm a righty...

◆Which is easier to draw - male or female?
Female... If I draw guys, it's a disaster...

◆Which is easier to draw - long hair or short hair?
Short... I have a shaking hands to draw long curves...

◆Is it easier to draw the head facing towards the right or the left?
Whichever... There's 'Flip Canvas Horizontal'

◆Is it easier to draw the side view of the face or the front view?
Side view... Front is hard cuz of balancing the left and right, and I have bad eyes for it...

◆What do you have problems in drawing?
They're a lot of them and one is being lazy... And i'm too lazy to write them down...

◆What do you like to draw?
Anything at my heart's content... No matter how easy/hard it is...

◆Are you a traditional artist or a digital artist?
Digital... No undo, free transform, layers, and effects in traditional...

◆Where do you start drawing from?
Anywhere... Preferably head...

◆What is your drawing habit that you are aware of?
Moving the canvas when it's not needed... And pressing B even if it's already in the brush tool...

◆What do you keep in mind when you do lineart?
It doesn't have to be clean 24/7 cuz i'm not giving effort to details that are most likely unappreciated... (To me at least)

◆Any tips for coloring/shading?
Look for a lot of colors... Be creative... It's the reason why I have tons of layers in an artwork...

◆How long does it take to finish a piece of art?
I don't like working on personal artworks that takes days... I hate the thought of wasting my time, even if i do it all the time...

◆What music do you listen to while you draw?
Is it necessary to know? Cuz i think it's irrelevant to the subject...

◆How long does it take you to come up with an idea?
It depends... Cud be as short as 5 seconds or as long as 12 years...

◆Your favorite drawing utensils?
Adobe Photoshop, hands down.

◆Your favorite color/the color that you use a lot?
Warm Light.

◆Your favorite style(s)?
Anime...? And maybe simplistic art...

◆Are you satisfied with your current art?
No... Never... If i am, i won't improve...

◆What kind of artist are you aiming for?
I have no idea... I'm currently confused to what I want right now...

◆Thank you.
Now please fill in the next columns by writing the names of the artists that match the criteria.

Just kidding... XD

  • Mood: Shitty
  • Listening to: Gravity (TKD)
  • Reading: Adventure Game Studio help documents
  • Watching: Endless Eight - Haruhi S2 (Best show ever... Ever)
  • Playing: Runaway 2 (Pirate+Alien+ToBeContinued... wow)
  • Eating: Whatever my budget can buy
  • Drinking: Whatever my salary can afford
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hollarity Sep 22, 2009  Student General Artist
lol! I have the same problem balancing faces... I struggle with it for hours before just switching to a 3/4ths view or side one.... Of course, long one sided bangs also help too l3

(Didn't know how to enter..)
Lol, I use tons of layers for my drawings too, makes it easier for me to erase stuff. :/
nii-kun-san Sep 17, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i have trouble drawing guys too...and hands
Keroanne Sep 17, 2009  Student Digital Artist
lol Congrats on the tag.
Seranatis Sep 17, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
*strokes chin* ahh digital eh ;) you should still try drawing at the 'head' traditionally now and again :D
Awesome! Don't cha just love quiz-thingies like this!! ^^ Yayz!
Samedi-mai Sep 17, 2009  Student Digital Artist
:iconmikeinel::iconkatachan::iconcherrytomato::iconpuddingpie: <--wrong order

:iconmikeinel::iconpuddingpie::iconcherrytomato::iconkatachan: <--right order
:iconidontloveitplz: really??
le gasp I can't believe you've been tagged! :iconicantbelieveitplz:
Kiwi-sempai Sep 17, 2009
I read the whole thing and I didn't even notice the background was moving until someone mentioned it in the comments...
Journal skin...*fail*
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